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Product Description
The machine is mainly used in the beverage filling operations. The machine washing, filling and capping three functions together in one body, the whole process is automatic, suitable for PET bottles, plastic bottles filling juices, mineral water, purified water, with temperature controlling device can also be hot filling. Various parts of the types of bottles used to adjust handle rotation can be freely and conveniently. It adopts new micro pressure filling, so filling faster and more stable because the same specifications this machine compared to higher yields, greater efficiency. This machine adopts advanced OMRON programmed controller (PLC) to control the machine run automatically adjust the inverter used in the bottle, so that mutual cooperation with the host drive into the bottle to run more stable and reliable. Photodetector operating conditions of each component, so the high degree of automation, easy to operate. On this basis, the filling machine to change section, you can form a low vacuum filling method. Low vacuum filling (Z type machine), applicable in glass bottles, filling alcohol, soy and other materials, the sealing means can aluminum theft proof cap and plastic cap. Is the ideal beverage manufacturers first device.
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